While achieving robust growth, Ancubic Group of Companies is committed to social responsibilities and engages in public philanthropy with active contribution to social charities including the promotion of Social responsibilities, cultural awareness, disaster and poverty relief, environmental protection, health care, education and recreational activities etc.



Ancubic Group of Companies’ key strategic objective is the achievement of “zero harm”. Site Supervisor and management ensure that safety is not compromised in any circumstances by taking responsibility for employee safety, leading by example, encouraging positive safety behaviour and discouraging negative behaviour. The company requires all contractors to undergo regular Safety Audits. Cases of occupational and non-occupational disease are referred to external facilities. Therefore, you will find people who are appropriately and safely dressed populate the sites. Employees are also encouraged to participate in the wellness programmes available.


Ancubic Group of Companies are acutely aware that development leaves behind a large carbon footprint. Every effort was made to ensure that the buildings complimented the existing nature, and to retain the beautiful surrounding of the project. Ancubic adhere strictly to all regulations relating to environmental issues, as set out by the Local Council and the Department of Environmental Affairs.